Welcome to NLPOA San Diego Metro Chapter

I am deeply honored to serve as the president of the San Diego Metro Chapter of the National Latino Peace Officers Association.  We are one of the largest chapters of our organization within the country and that is something to be proud of.  The vast majority of our members are officers that serve within the San Diego Police Department and we are all proud to serve America’s eighth largest city and its 1.4 million citizens.  Our chapter is also made up of employees that serve within the San Diego City Attorney’s Office, the District Attorney’s Office, and various other law enforcement agencies and support groups across the county.

2020 has shaped up to be an extremely difficult year in many ways.  Almost everything we know has changed and been affected in our personal and professional lives.  Our job is more difficult today than it was yesterday and it seems as though it will be more difficult tomorrow.  It is important that we all remember that peace in our communities and prosperity on Main Street cannot exist without brave peace officers – and that is who our members are.  They are regular people that have decided to do an extraordinary thing with their life in leading a life of public service.  They are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, and they are your neighbors.  They love what they do and they love serving you.  They will put everything on the line and run towards danger so that you, and those that you love, can run away from it.

As peace officers, we all have a responsibility to respect the communities that we serve within, and vice versa, our communities have a responsibility to respect our peace officers that serve and protect them day in and day out.  This is the shared responsibility that we should all strive to get closer to each day and it is our belief that the NLPOA can help to be the bridge between our profession and the communities we serve.  Our 2020 – 21 NLPOA Board is deeply honored to serve and represent all of our public safety servants.  During our tenure, we will strive to build more positive relationships with various members of our community, other non-profits, and our regional elected officials.


To our members that we serve

Please take care of your families, take care of your partners, and take care of yourselves.

To our communities that we serve

Please remember that our peace officers have a very difficult job to do and we will do anything and everything
to serve and protect you and your families, no matter the cost.




Brian Avera, President
San Diego Metro Chapter
National Latino Peace Officers Association


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